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P.O.Box 27, Kvassay Jenó út 1


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Jozsef Gayer

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CEETAC, The Central and Eastern Europe Techical Advisory Committee, is an arm of the global Technical Advisory Committee of the Global Water Partnership, operating at the regional level. The aim of CEETAC is to support the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management practices and cross-sectoral dialogue at all levels in the region. CEETAC is a professional body comprising of experts drawn from the region.

Co-ordination within CEETAC is secured through regular meetings as well as through electronic networking.

The goal of the committee is to encourage sustainable water resources management by promoting the application of the Dublin/Rio principles in Southern Africa and to encourage dialogue among the various stakeholders by creating interactive fora at national and regional levels.

The region´s Vision for the 21st Century and its Framework for Action was presented at the 2nd World Water Forum, The Hague, The Netherlands, in March 2000 and is available in electronic form on the GWP "Vision to Action Library" -

For more information, please contact any of the CEETAC members or for information about global goals, objectives and membership, please visit the GWP website stated above.

CEETAC Contacts:

Jozsef Gayer (Chairperson)
Vituki Water Resources Research Center
P.O.Box 27, Kvassay Jenó út 1
1453 Budapest, Hungary.

Other members are:

Prof. Janusz Kindler,
SCOWAR, c/o Warsaw University of Technology
ul. Nowowiejska 20
00-652 Warsaw, Poland

Ms Galia Bardarska
Institute of Water Problems to Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Akad. Georgi Bonchev. Bl. 1,
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria

Mr. Indrikus Barkans
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development
Peldu iela 25
LV-1494 Riga, Latvia

Mr. Peter Dolesj
Water and Environmental Technology Team
Box 27, Pisecka 2
370 11 Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

Ms Danka Jassikova-Thalmeinerova
Ministry of Environment
Nam. L. Stura 1
812 35 Bratislava, Slovakia

Mr. Harry Liiv
Ministry of the Environment of Estonia
Toompuiestee 24
15172 Tallinn, Estonia

Mr. Marek Nawalany
Warsaw University of Technology
ul. Nowowiejska 20
00-653 Warsaw, Poland

Mr. Bernardas Paukstys
Hydrogeological Company "GROTA" / Vilnius University
Eisiskiu plentas 26
LT-2038 Vilnius, Lithuania

Mr. Liviu-Nicolae Popescu
M.W.F.E.P. - I.C.I.M.
Aleea Fizicienilor Street N4, bl.3c, et 2, ap 16,
Sector 374558 Bucharest, Romania

Mr. Laszlo Somlyody
Budapest University of Technology
Muegyetem rkp. 3
H-1111 Budapest, Hungary
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