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New GWP Steering Committee

New GWP Chairperson 


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 New Steering Committee as of 18 August, 2000

Five new members were elected to the GWP Steering Committee during the Consultative Group Meetings in Stockholm on 17-18 August, 2000:

- Flor, Mai, The Philippines (f)
- Forde Lester, Trinidad (m)
- Khan, Sultan, Pakistan (m)
- Schreiner, Barbara, South Africa (f)
- van Koppen, Barbara, The Netherlands (f)

These people were elected to the GWP Steering Committee to replace outgoing members, bearing in mind the following profile of the gaps to be filled:

Disciplines: Engineering, social science, environment and law 
Stakeholder: Private sector, research, public sector and NGO's 
Regions: Developing countries, Europe and China 
Gender: 3 female and 2 male members left.

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