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August 2000:

Steering Committee Nominations, 2000

Consultative Group Meeting, August 17-18, 2000

Nomination for new Chair of GWP


May 2000:

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) explained!

Authored by TAC, GWP’s new publication, TAC Background Paper No. 4, Integrated Water Resources Management, serves as a contribution towards the implementation of integrated water resources management and for establishing a common understanding of what ‘IWRM’ is all about. To view this publication click here. To receive your own hard copy publication contact the GWP Secretariat at gwp@sida.se giving your full mailing address.



Executive Secretary outlines next steps for GWP

After months of exhaustive consultations, the Global Water Partnership (GWP) presented its Framework for Action — documenting the steps needed to achieve the Vision for Water for the 21st Century — at the Second World Water Forum at The Hague in March this year. Stockholm Water Front, the Stockholm International Water Institute’s (SIWI) quarterly magazine, spoke with Khalid Mohtadullah, Executive Secretary of GWP, on how GWP intends to follow up on the Framework for Action now the Forum has concluded.

What is GWP’s role in taking the Actions forward?

It is important to emphasise that GWP is only one of several supporting mechanisms helping to take the Actions forward. A number other supporting actors are also involved, including the United Nations system and the global and regional water-related organisations such as IUCN and other NGOs. Naturally, the main actors for the development and implementation of the Actions are the national level stakeholders. 

Can you tell us something about the "post-Hague FFA" document GWP plans to prepare?

This document is being designed for the same general audience as the original FFA and will reflect on what was discussed in The Hague. It will offer a straightforward and easily understandable account of the discussions on the Actions and their implications for the global water community. It will address the concerns raised by all stakeholders and provide clarification on the way forward for GWP based on what was said at the Forum. We plan to present this document at the Stockholm Water Symposium.

Has the outcome of the Water Forum had any influence on the way GWP will work?

GWP was established as a mechanism to facilitate actions at the national and regional level and the post-Hague role and function of GWP will remain essentially the same. GWP will continue to support action programmes at these levels through the services provided through its Associated Programmes and its networking, policy dialogue and alliance building functions provided through its regional Technical Advisory Committees (RTACs). But, the outcome of the Water Forum Hague has re-emphasised the importance for us to reinforce our networking with a broader range of stakeholders, and we must focus on distilling good practices in integrated water resources management for wider dissemination and adoption. Through our strategic assistance mechanisms, GWP will continue to support regions and countries in their national action programmes and in doing so, the central challenge for us will be to strengthen both our key core functions and to realign them in support of the implementation of the FFA.

Some groups think of GWP as a donor – is this correct?

GWP is not a donor. Instead, GWP’s Financial Support Group, or "FSG" as it is known, co-ordinates and facilitates financial support to the Associated Programmes providing strategic assistance to the regions. Increasingly, the FSG is developing into a forum for strategic discussions by the donors on their contributions to water resources management and development activities. The GWP is not a channel for direct financial support to national or regional project development and implementation: this is left to the regional and national representatives of the international donor agencies and to the national governments themselves.


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Associated Programme details updated!

For updated information on the GWP portfolio of Associated Programmes click here.

Associated Programmes are designed to provide strategic assistance to GWP’s Members by filling knowledge gaps that have been identified in the regions. These gaps are filled by pooling the best knowledge available within the Partnership and packaging it into services to meet these demands.


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What is happening to the GWP Water Forum?

We ran a review of the site in January through February this year with a view to revising the site. The review supported our opinion that we need to redesign the user interface and site design. Over the ensuing months we are going to turn this site into a "Water Portal" – an accessible, attractive and practical professional tool that helps target audiences find the information they need in the world of Integrated Water Resources Management. The web site will become a key strategic communications tool for the Global Water Partnership and motivate increased participation by current GWP members and encourage new members to join. We plan to have the first phase of this revised site up and running for the Stockholm Water Symposium, August 2000. We will keep you posted on developments.


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International Conference on Water Development for Poverty Alleviation

Water resources development is not an end by itself: it is means to an end. The end is to alleviate poverty, improve quality of life and to maintain the integrity of the environment and the ecosystems. Properly planned and managed water projects can also successfully reduce regional disparities and contribute to significant improvements in social well-being.

Following the World Water Forum in the Hague, the Netherlands, the Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd. is sponsoring a major International Conference on Water Development for Poverty Alleviation in Ahmedabad, India, 29-31 January 2020, with the co-sponsorship of the Third World Centre for Water Management, International Water Resources Association, World Water Council, Global Water Partnership and International Commission on Irrigation of Drainage. Some of the world’s leading international authorities have already agreed to give Plenary Lectures.

For detailed information please click here.

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