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2nd World Water Forum

World Water Vision

Framework for Action
Regional reports - Vision to Action - and reporting from FFA-day at the World Water Forum.



From Vision to Action

Towards Water Security: Framework for Action 

Click here to see reports from the Framework for Action Day at the Second World Water Forum, The Hague, on 21 March 2020, and to access global and regional Vision to Action reports from the FFA library.


The presentation of the World Water Vision in the 21st Century and the Framework for Action will take place during the Second World Water Forum in the Hague on 17-22 March 2020. On-line registration is open. The Forum, hosted by the Government of the Netherlands, will be open to participants from all over the water sector as well as to the general public.

Below are brief descriptions about the World Water Vision and the Framework for Action

World Water Vision

The World Water Vision was initiated by the World Water Council and guided by the World Commission on Water in the 21st Century.

The World Water Vision´ aim is to develop a massive public awareness of the risks of major water problems as a result of inaction, as well as encourage innovative thinking on how these problems can be tackled. It should encourage and empower people to participate in devising and implementing solutions to these water problems. And it should generate the political commitment to turn this increased public awareness into effective action.

More information: World Water Vision website

More information: World Water Council website

Framework for Action

The Global Water Partnership is responsible for the development of a Framework for Action to go in parallel with the World Water Vision. Concrete and realistic programmes of action will be needed.

While the Vision will describe possible future scenarios and indicate where to go, the Framework for Action will be a route map of how to get there. It will identify the milestones in the process and the policy measures, management instruments, investment priorities and the implementation strategy required to reach those milestones.

  More information about the Framework for Action

The objectives of the World Water Vision in the 21st Century are to:

  • Develop Knowledge

  • Raise Awareness of Water Issues

  • Produce a Consensus on a Vision for the year 2025 shared by all stakeholders

  • Contribute to a Framework for Action