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2020-09-21air bubble syste,m (thomas george)
2020-09-21water lift idea (thomas george)
2020-08-03Sampling storm water (martin collamore)
2020-05-19water trading (Richard Jemmett)
2020-03-031- Water data on line (françois reaubourg)
Online Water Data in Victoria, Australia. (Stuart Minchin 07-06)
2020-01-07Small towns e-conference (Darren Saywell)
2020-12-21Egypt: Toshka & NSADP (Nabil El Khodari)
2020-10-26build up in urban basins (Costanza Aricò)
2020-09-02Worldwide Desalination Market Will Reach $70 Billion Within 20 Years (Water Forum Admin.)
2020-07-14U.S. CLEAN WATER PROJECTS GET $210 MILLION (Koben Christianson)
2020-07-09News ("Nation's Waters")
2020-06-23Rural Water Disinfection with on-site Chlorine generation (Jose Masis)
2020-06-23Rural Water Disinfection with on-site Chlorine generation (Jose Masis)
2020-06-23NaOCl on-site technology with solar energy (Jose Masis)
2020-05-22Chemical treatment of water (Chris Lemin)
2020-05-10Corporatization of Water Resources Management: Brantas River Basin Indonesia (Water Forum Admin.)
2020-03-161- Middle East water madness (alex dinovitser)
info on desalination (Water Forum Admin. 03-25)
2020-02-171- Information on Middle East water resources (Mohammed Fakih)
Some useful websites (Water Forum Admin. 03-25)
2020-01-17Compelling Economic Reasons for Utilisation of Modern Water Divining in Groundwater Developments. (Doug Bates)
2020-12-311- A Silver-Impregnated, A.T. Filter (Anthony Harvey)
What about silver oxide? (Water Forum Admin. 01-03)
2020-11-092- Water on the Web Workshop, Fort Lauderdale (Sara Hedlund)
- waterweb listserv - how to subscribe? (Bryan Bruns 01-20)
WaterWeb Activities (Faye Anderson 02-05)
2020-10-27Water for Food Production and Rural Development (Sara Hedlund)
2020-10-06 (water.b)
2020-09-16Efficient, Easy to use and Inexpensive mobile treatment (Matt Council)
2020-09-14Is this technology new ? (Chris Ashby)
2020-09-04Perc, TCE, PCE, Petroleum, (Matt Council)
2020-08-28World Commission on Water for the 21st Century (Water Forum Admin.)
2020-08-24Phosphate from fertilizers leaches arsenate into groundwater (Arno Rosemarin)
2020-08-191- Economical Evaluation of the Benefits of the Rehabilitation of Water Distribution Systems (Fernando Pérez Monteagudo)
Benefits related to Surface Sources (Claudia Vargas 01-22)
2020-08-13okacom meeting (Piet Heyns)
2020-07-14Submission to the discussion forum (Maria Ahmed)
2020-07-06Public Management: is this the answer? (Natalie Pauwels)
2020-06-25E-mail Access to the Water Forum ("ARNO ROSEMARIN")
2020-04-30Leaders Advocate Global Fresh Water Action (Natalie Pauwels)
2020-04-294- Oil is Out Water is in! (Water Forum Admin.)
Water is in! (Water Forum Admin. 05-04)
- Cost of Importing Water (Ian R Dodkins 05-31)
cost of importing water (sergio garschagen 05-11)
(John Leeson McLean 06-20)