About the Water Forum

Welcome to the Water Forum. Sponsored by the Global Water Partnership. The Water Forum has been created by and for those with an active interest in responsible management of Earth's most valuable finite resource -- water. This site offers an independent venue for international agencies, individuals, local communities, the private sector, academia, governments, and nongovernmental organizations wishing to exchange information and explore topical issues. The water forum provides links to various databases, libraries and other websites, it offers discussion groups to further international dialogue on timely issues and help forge partnerships between entities with varying expertise in water resources management, and it sets forth networking facilities so that consistent and collaborative management of water may be advanced at global, regional and local levels.

What is the comparative advantage of this site?

Several excellent sites dedicated to water use and management may be found on the World Wide Web. The Water Forum does not aim to compete with them, but complement them, house and compile links to them, and work with them to build stronger networks within the international "water community". In particular, it also aims to promote and enable full participation by those in developing countries and those with limited access.

Who is maintaining the Water Forum?

The Forum is maintained by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) with support from the GWP and sponsored by the UNDP.

On what technology is it based?

The Water Forum operates through a combination of Lotus Notes/Domino and other on-line technologies.
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