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Publications; Water Publications
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Publication Profile Link to Web Page
Laboratorio di Biologia Marina Online catalogs with 'webbed' interfaces
ABB Environmental Management Report 1997
Action Monitoring for Effectiveness
Aquatic Geochemistry
Biblioteca Virtual UNESCO-PHI
Breakdown of Municipal Sewerage System - is household control over water and sewerage an option? Drangert, J.O. and Kinya Munyirwa.
Calidad del Agua - Programa Buenos Aires Sustentable
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science
CG Note 96/2: Why Join the Global Water Partnership: A Note on the Value Added
Development strategy of Odra River Basin
Ecological Sanitation
Ecological Sanitation (Chinese translation)
Ecological Sanitation (French translation)
Ecological Sanitation (Spanish translation)
Ecological Sanitation (Vietnamese translation)
Environment International
Environmental Geochemistry and Health
Environmental Pollution
Environmental Research
Environment, Development and Sustainability
Estuaries, Journal of the Estuarine Research Federation
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science
European Journal of Biochemistry
FAO Water Publications
FCIHS Publications
Freshwater Biology
Gadus Associates' List of Fisheries Web Sites
Global Health and Environment Library Network (GELNET)
GRID -online IPTRID journal
HIGH RISK - LOW RETURN? ABB's Hydropower Strategy under Review
ICES Journal of Marine Science
ICLARM Library
ICLARM Publications and Software
IHP-UNESCO Publicaciones
IHP Publications Arab Region
IIMI Research Reports
IOC Electronic Library
IOC Video Library
IRC Publications
IRN Information Resources
Journal of Coastal Research
Journal of Environmental Management
Journal of Hydraulic Research
Journal of Water and Maritime Engineering
Large Dams: Learning from the Past, Looking at the Future. Workshop Proceedings
Learning What Works: A Retrospective View of Joint UNDP-World Bank Co-operation in Water and Sanitation, 1978-1998
Marine Environmental Research
Marine Pollution Bulletin
Nation's Waters (select publications)
Odra River System and its Institutions
On-line Handpump Resources
On-Line Handpump & Drill Manual
Online IPTRID text collection
Preconditions of the development of river transport on the polish western borderland
River Nyando and Sondu-Miriu Wetlands Rehabilitation and Conservation Project: Progress Reports I & II (unpublished)

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