...at the 2nd World Water Forum, The Hague, March 17-22, 2000

Pledges will be on this site from the 21st of march.
- 2020-03-23
Lisa Borre
Monitor International
Co-ordinating LakeNet, a global network of people and organisations promoting the conservation and sustainable management of lakes
I am a regularly presenting at conferences on water (geopolitic)
Emaddin Ahmad
Data is open for all, use technology to develop and maintain plan of actions by all
Emaduddin Ahamad
River Basin Authority
Perween Rahman
Orangi Pilot Project - Research & training Institute
Facilitating the realisation of a realistic sewage disposal system for Karachi that compliments peoples initiatives. A citizens agenda for Karachi sewage disposal
Rory Villabm
Creating a citizen's movement in the Philippines to make the Vision a reality!
World Water Vision
Apply the IWRM in all sectors everywhere & gender. Add a strong dimension in design of project. Raise the awareness of rural communities on over pumping (groundwater) before implementing a new technique of irrigating.
Medhay Chitale
To involve communities in the dialogues on water and in the activities related with water
L. R. Shahani
BUDHI Foundation
For gender mainstreaming, Hygiene & sanitation; clean drinking water
- 2020-03-22
Fernando Perez Monteagudo
Center for Hydraulic Research
Small islands have serious problems related to the availability of water. Due to the singularity and also the similarity of their water resources management problems, the establishment of cooperation networks among them with international support should be considered a priority.
Hydro Marine Ingenierie
I have been developping some projects about significantly saving fresh water by using directly salt or brackish water instead of fresh water.Same about worldwide maritime transportation of fresh water for example to supply arid areas or small islands with no sufficiently extended land watershed.Same thing about signiicantly and efficiently saving evaporation loss which could be huge on the pool level oftyhe lakes of great - natural or artificial - reservois in the arid areas and countries.I am a member of the GWP. So I intend to write down and express all these ideas at the nexr meeting in August 2000 to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, which I hope to be able to attend.
M. Shashidhar Reddy
Forum for Utilisation of Godavari Waters
At the Forum for Utilisation of Godavari Waters we have been trying to mobilise public awareness to try and generate a political commitment by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and the Government of India. Telangana is one of the most backward regions of India. There is plenty of water in the Godavari river which cantransform this region and restore environmental balance. There are no insurmountable problems or issues that cannot be resolved. Lack of political will is the main cause for inaction. We hope that the message from the Second World Water Forum should be strong and clear and boost our own efforts to give a better life to the people of the Telangana Region by fully utilising this precious resource. We seek everyones good wishes.
Chris Gordon
Centre for African Wetlands
We will contribute to local capacity building in the wetland science of the sub-region, focussing on holistic research in the area of environment, socio-economics and policy. We will seek to promote and foster collaborative links with all like-minded organisations both in Africa and abroad.
Pieter Waalewijn
(student irrigation and water engineering Wageningen university NL))
that when I -one day- will be an important watermanager, which I hope I'll take responsibilities. Oke, this isn't a big pledge, because at the moment I'm not really near to being important.
Ton Garritsen
A wave of awareness ...I pledge to make use of my strongest personal ability to make a wave, to spread and deepen awareness in order to make all and everybodies water everybodies business.
Ton Garitsen
RIZA - Institute of Inland Water Management and Waste Water Treatment - Dep. WSG
A wave of awareness ...I pledge to make use of my strongest personal ability to make a wave, to spread and deepen awareness in order to make all and everybodies water everybodies business.
Lisa Borre
Monitor International
Integrate the activities of LAKENET, the global network of people and organizations promoting the conservation and sustainable development of lakes, with the Global Water Partnership's Framework for Action. This pledge includes coordination of programs and documentation of lessons learned on nearly 50 lakes.
P. S. Rao
Netherlands Embassy
Successful community oriented water projects with large stakeholders as users.
- 2020-03-21
Wageningen Land and Water Internation Programme
Wageningen University and Research Centre
Wageningen University and Research Centre offers the opportunity to register free of charge to participate in an open discussion platform for actions on the subject of 'How to tackle the urgent water priorities of achieving "Water-Food Security" and "Protecting and restoring water resources and ecosystems"' The inputs to the platform discussion will be moderated by staff of Wageningen University and Research Centre. You can access the platform at http:/www.wageningen-ur/water. Then click the Water for Food and Rural Development Debate button to enter the discussion site.
Dr. Careoline Sullivan
Institute of Hydrology, Wallingford UK
The most important way to ensure water security in the future is to develop effective and accurate natural resource accounting strategies which can be applied at the macroeconomic level. In addition, there is a need to implement institutional changes to bring about better control of the activities of multinational companies.
Get OECD leaders&multinational CEOS's understand&accept that weCANNOT continue to enjoy(or seek to expand) our current life-style&exclude world's poor, by continuing to allow increasing divergence of wealth&income, within&between countries, unless we want to bring terrible consequences onALLourCHILDREN. NotALLthings CANorSHOULD have a price! FRESH WATER MUST BE FREE FOR ALL!
Joshka Wessels
To all of the donors to water supply projects,Some 120 people in the middle of the Syrian desert depend on water from an ancient qanat. This qanat needs to be cleaned otherwise they will have to evacuate their village. The cleaning only costs 15.000 USD, a fraction of what some supply projects in the world are costing.In this way you can save the livelihood of a whole village !
Giasuddin Ahmed Choudhury
Bangladesh Water Development Board
I shall try to make the Vision For Water, Life and Environment realisable in the water sector projects being planned under my supervision and participate with others within Bangladesh and outside in realising the Vision.
- 2020-03-20
Norihiro Kuwabara
Forem, Japan
Rivers are soft and not straight but meandering and channels always changes with sediment and bad materials. I?d like to make rivers softer and softer.Conventional Science is somewhat straight maybe we need to build meandering and softer science.
Kinya Munyairwa
Friends of Lake Victoria
Prevent water pollution through effective watershed management. (Holcstcc approach)
Joseph J. Delphino
W.F.E.O- Comtec
The engineer?s should contribute and repsonse to the world water vision.
Water for people session
Alliances are being built for the introduction of ecosanitation on larger scale.
To study the links between megacities and their watershed and to give them policy guidance to their mayors in Asia (Southeast) and Europe.
Southern Africa Session
Regional partners will work on setting realistic targets to monitor FFA implementation

Complete toolbox of IWRM instruments as a compendium for policy makers
D. Pateras
Lendros Shipping Co
To transport clean fresh water from rivers before it goes into the sea in bulk (300- 400,000 T a week) to water scarce areas & megacities for less than 0.09 cents/litre. Who needs water? Who will give: to water thirsty countries? Which authorities will give the water?
Jennifer Francis
IRC, International Water & Sanitation Centre
The gender mainstreaming group has created an alliance to take action after the forum and we want all these committed to the cause of gender to join the alliance. Please send an email to IRC and join us!
Lake Chad session
Lake Chad session
Streanghening of river basin management through exchange between river basin organisations.
Ba? Aba
To ensure free flow of information on water management practics by countries sharing the same river/lake basin.
T. Sayiby Imoro
To continue to provide potable water tom poor comminities in a partnership fashion. Build capacity of rural communities through training. Advocate on water issues.
A. Nicol
To study the development of global water resources institutions and global public policy from the perspective of principles those from organisations themselves responsible namely legitimacy, accountability and participation.
Arvind Patec
Disaster Mitigation Institute
Floads and droughts are important concerns in building water security at vulnerable community level.
Africa Caucus
The Hague process will be continued at the next OAU summit to ensure that the FFA is placed at high politcal level.
C.G Gref
Follow the step made by SEIDF (distributor of drinking water to suburbs of Paris)- USD 0.005 per m3 for water supply projects in the developing countries. If all water suppliers in the developed countries do that, the drinking water problem in the world will be solved in a few decades.
Juliya and Maria
Belarus Young Women Christian Association
Forest springs project volunteers to clean forest springs & small lakes.
Fritch JM
Not put anymore water in my whiskey!
Rodrigo Gómes
Hydraulic Works Directorate ? Chile
To develop the principles that should be considered for the development of tyhe hydraulic infrastructure in the ddifferent users.
H. Weidel
Group 27
Water House a door for communities and NGOs to enhance water supply and sanitation in the CEE countries and the NIS.
Ministry of Environment- Andorra
It would be necessary to organize a meeting about the water in the mountain areas
Robert Marie
M.A.R.I.E Paris
? Look-understand-choice sense of life- to be or not to be?Began a long time ago. It?s a way of recociliation. Universal photographs gives the message of water itself as a provocation for your mind, attitude and choice. Do what each one has to do.Artistic Embassy for water ? life and peace.
J.F Knegt
Freelance Consultant
To actually facilitate the slogan ?think global ?act local? Local action requires understanding of local water development contexts.
Arno Rosemarin
Stockholm Environment Institute
SEI would like to provide knowledge management services in the area of water resources management to regional and global decision-making bodies. This will be a subscription service based on interest profiles provided by the users themselves. This sort of bottom-up process to information services will build capacity on a broad basis.
Rajeswari S. Raina
Fundamental institutional changes and increased participation of rural people in science and technology decisions. It takes some effort to make the information available to people. But once that is done, people can help decision about ecologically sound science and technology.
The life programme ? Water policy advice for decision makers.
Menzo de Boom
Take Waters point of view- get to really know water // it offers many technical & Practical solutions . Develop measures in accordance with the laws of nature...of water.
Kinya Munyiowa
Friends of Lake Victoria
More innovative waterless toilets (dry toilets) relevant in Peri- Urban Areas.
Nalini de Silva
Network of women professionals in water sector
To include ?gender? in the school curriculum ?introduce from primary classes to upper classses to show importance of both sexes in the world.
Water and Nature
Decade of ecosystem restoration.
Dick de Jong
JRC Int. Water San. Centre
Put sanitation clean environmen higher on the political by expanding the global environmental sanitation initiative. (www.wsscc.org/gesi)
Ivan Schaik
Living and flowing partnership between those who have water, both for sanitation and hygiene and those who have not yet.