...at the 2nd World Water Forum, The Hague, March 17-22, 2000
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Action Day, 21 March, 2000 -  Online
0830-1015: Presenting the Framework for Action
The Dublin principles and internationally agreed conventions provide a basis for water security. These principles and norms must be translated into practice. The Framework for Action provides a structure for doing this.



The Framework for Action Day opened with brief introductions by Khalid Mohtadullah and Alan Hall. The present global FFA document was introduced as a working document put in the public domain to facilitate debate on actions, options and targets. The global FFA was described as the start of a process that should move quickly to the regional, country and local levels.

The key "Action messages" coming out of the regional FFAs - Europe, Africa, Asia, Pacific Rim and Americas were reported in plenary. The regional statements were kept very short, but the wealth of inputs coming from the regional discussions were fed back further during all thematic sessions of the FFA day.

During lunch and breaks, interactive activities were offered to participants in the "water wisdom arena" situated in the vicinity of the FFA day hall. Participants were given the opportunity to express their commitment to action in the form of brief pledging statements recorded on "paper waves" stuck on boards. Several dozens of such waves were collected at the end of the FFA day. Sonia Davida-Poblete reported in plenary on the water wisdom activities during the course of the day.


Discussion started immediately after the introduction. A number of comments were made from the floor on the process followed for the elaboration of the present FFA document, all pointing in the same direction: participation and transparency concerns have to be taken very seriously on board for the design of the next phase. While voicing concerns on the degree of participation during the process before the Hague, a number of speakers expressed keenness for helping design the next phase and moving forward within a (better) shared framework. The discussions were then structured around major themes.



All sessions of the day: