...at the 2nd World Water Forum, The Hague, March 17-22, 2000
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Action Day, 21 March, 2000 - Online
1530-1615: Investing for a Secure Water Future
To meet the challenges of the Framework for Action and realise the Vision, the current level of investment in water resources must double. The key challenges are to increase significantly the level of investment in water management and services and to improve the equity, efficiency, and effectiveness of investments.


Investing for water security

The FFA document includes a preliminary analysis of the investments required in order to achieve the vision. Hilary Sunman introduced the subject, emphasising the necessity to pursue the work and collect more information for refining the analysis and breaking down the costs into regional and national figures. Ramesh Bhatia gave a brief account of the "financing issues" raised in previous sessions of the forum. He particularly insisted on the existing difficulties in operationalising full cost recovery policies and the need to carefully couple these policies with targeted subsidies to the poor. He reported that the role of microcredit had been clearly emphasised. In the discussion which followed, WSSCC offered to contribute in refining cost estimates relating to the WSS sector and address the issue of low cost technology. IUCN, Ramsar Convention and other groups took a similar stand relating to the costs involved in ecosystems maintenance and protection. The difficulty faced by the water domain in attracting private investments on a large scale was raised …money flows more naturally to IT companies than water investors !



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